Welcome to Himalaya Ramble (P) Ltd.

Welcome to Himalaya Ramble (P) Ltd.

Himalayan Trip & Expeditions (P) Ltd. Managing Director and owner of the company, Mr. Ngawang Karsang
Sherpa has, since 1998, planned and organized tours and led Treks and expeditions in Nepal. His 18 years
experience has stood him in good stead and with his team of 10 staff has provided excellent professional
service to their clients.

Himalayan Trip & Expeditions with her group of friendly exploration experts will help you reach remote
cultures, environments, wildlife and experiences beyond your dreams. We strive to provide you with quality
food, services, and equipment consistent with our exploration goals and responsibility for the environment.
We know there will be some uncertainty, some risks and some events that just cant be planned but we are
your partners in finding the places, people and nature to tease your sense of adventure and intellectual
curiosity. Choose one or more of our trips in this information pack and lets work out your needs. You shall
be assured of our quality and personalized service at Himalayan Trip & Expeditions(P) Ltd. Adventure is the
business we know best.

Himalayan Trip & Expeditions has a proven record of operating top quality adventure holidays based on
first hand experience. We listen to our customers needs and satisfaction. We monitor every aspect of our
service in our constant effort to improve in order to provide you with an unforgettable experiencing classic

Himalayan Trip & Expeditions can specially design tours, treks and expeditions to realize your dreams and
needs. Alternatively you can choose from the already proven and accepted tours, treks and expeditions we
organize. We feel that you should be given the right information to make your choice for the right company.
Our detailed trip notes and regional portfolios are supplemented by numerous free official publications. Call
or write us for details.

Himalayan Trip & Expeditions has very experienced leaders and guides who are selected for their
competence, friendliness, honesty, and intelligence.

The guides are local residents who know the territory intimately, speak the local languages, and have
undergone training in the country natural history.

The leaders and guides spends their working life in the mountains of the world, This combined with their
professional approach, exceptional talent, responsibility, patience, attention, enthusiasm and experience,
can assure you of an unforgettable experience that results in lasting cross-culture friendship and wonderful

Over the years we have developed a deep understanding of the main sights & attractions, hotels & lodges, trekking
routes, conditions and culture of these countries., the owner and founder, has personally completed the majority of
our trips so he will give you advice based on his first-hand knowledge and experience.

We have considerable experience in organising private itineraire in fact all of our trips can be tailor-made to suit your personal interests and dates.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping to organise your trip to Asia. Please get in tuch with us at any time
if you have any questions or would like further information.


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